More than 50 years old

Established in 1957 within the M. Demajo Group, M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd was set up to cater for the local printing industry which at that time was experiencing the changeover from Letter Press to Offset technology.

Heidelberg representatives

In 1960, M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd was awarded the exclusive representation of Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG, the prestigious manufacturer of Printing and Publishing Machinery, labeling it as one of the oldest Heidelberg’s representatives worldwide.

At the forefront of new technologies

In subsequent years, M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd was regularly at the forefront of launching new technologies in the printing industry. A case in point was the peak of Image Setters during the 1970’s.

Other representations

During the years, M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd was also awarded the exclusive representation of other Printing Supplies and Machinery brands such as Sun Chemicals, Watkiss Automation, Westland, Abezeta, Norske Skog, M-Real and others.


Nowadays, M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd is a key player in the local Printing Industry, providing:

• Sales & service on Pre-Press, Press, and Post Press Machinery
• Installation and Commissioning of Printing Machinery
• Preventive Maintenance & Service on Printing equipment
• A vast portfolio of Consumables and pressroom Supplies
• Mixing of Inks
• Newsprint
• Paper and Board

Global Business

Forming part of the EU, and Malta being strategically placed in the middle of the Mediterranean, M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd is ideally located as a hub to trade between East & West Mediterranean, and also North African countries.

Having the representation of brands such as Sun Chemical, Abezeta and others, our company is in a position to supply interested companies/organizations from North Africa, Middle East and Mediterranean countries with any kind of consumables and Press room sundries, Paper & Board, and Technical Services & support.

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