Company Profile

Heidelberg is most active within the major OECD industrial regions and is expanding its involvement within growing markets such as Asia and Eastern Europe. With development and production sites in six countries and some 250 sales offices worldwide, the Company offers services to more than 200,000 customers around the globe, generating 85 percent of global sales and generating an estimated turnover of Euro 3.803 billion.

Company Background

• 40 percent Global market share for sheet-fed offset printing machines.
• World's leading solution provider for commercial and industrial customers in the print media industry.
• Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany.

Heidelberg product portfolio

• Printing presses
• Plate imaging devices
• Finishing equipment
• Software components designed to integrate all print manufacturing processes
• Spare parts & service
• Consumables & used equipment
• Extensive Training programs

Heidelberg covers every stage of the print process chain with products and services that define the future of the print media industry from traditional offset presses to direct imaging. Heidelberg has developed the Prinect product family, a modular product portfolio focusing on connectivity and capitalizing on the benefits from standardized workflows, integrating products along the entire production workflow to form a seamless production and management system.

The core business of Heidelberg is the development and sale of sheetfed offset presses.

The Speedmaster family offers solutions for the needs of small and medium-sized print shops wishing to grow their business in multicolour offset printing. The Speedmaster also offers high levels of automation and productivity for industrial printers.

In addition, the presses can be equipped according to any specific requirements and for a variety of special applications.

All Heidelberg presses provide ideal conditions for ensuring outstanding print quality, from the smallest QM46 size up to the largest XL105 size, designed for a production-run speed of 18,000 sheets per hour.

Being a Heidelberg representative

Representing a world renowned and prestigious company such as Heidelberg enhances our company’s image and consequently the image of the M. Demajo Group. This representation also brings with it specific responsibilities and adherence to policies and procedures set by Heidelberg.

With innovation being the motor for Heidelberg, and electronics and software accounting for more than 50% of printing presses, the need to continuously train and develop our engineers is a requisite demanded by Heidelberg.

Heidelberg ’s superior demands towards quality are mirrored in the continuous training and development of their staff, the standards of which are also adopted by their representatives such as M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd.

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