We offer open and various solutions for a variety of challenges in the print media industry. These include small to medium sized family run businesses, large industrial printing presses, Prepress specialists, as well as Print finishers.

Together with our partners Heidelberg, we are there for you at each stage of the process with state-of the-art products and services. We know that our customers’ success is our success.

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Commercial Print Solutions

Small and Medium-Sized Print Shops

In the small and mid-sized print shop market, flexibility and service are playing an increasingly decisive role. Customers want a variety of products that are not only affordable but also meet their unique needs.

Additional finishing in the print process or specialized Postpress are becoming increasingly essential to sustain competitiveness, even for smaller-run jobs.

Heidelberg machines offer the right solution for strategic decision-making, and versatile solutions that can be tailored to the print shop’s specific requirements.

Industrial Print Solutions

Industrial Commercial Print Shops

Large-run print jobs and demand for the highest quality characterize the industrial commercial print market. By adapting to the customers’ specific needs and achieving consistently high productivity, print shops can distinguish themselves from the competition.

A high level of automation, dependable production processes and effective cost controls ensure the competitiveness of the printing press today and tomorrow.

Packaging Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for the folding carton industry

The wide variety of products manufactured by folding carton specialists, range from simple folding cartons to cardboard with special surface finishing. Unique end products, a high degree of manufacturing expertise and the use of particular special applications are important distinguishing characteristics for packaging printers in the food, confectionary, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and tobacco industries.

From administration to data handling, from printing to finishing, die cutting and gluing, and even logistics - Heidelberg offers the perfect solution for the entire process steps of folding carton production.

Folding Carton Production

Special Applications
Die Cutting
Folding Carton Gluing
Folding Cartons



Label Solutions

The Right Solution for Label Printing

Product labels communicate different messages; logos, product descriptions, the manufacturer and even product instructions. The increasingly diverse use of wet and self-adhesive labels requires modern prepress technology and the implementation of highly automated print and finishing processes.

Heidelberg offers the right applications for the optimization of your professional label production process.

Postpress Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions for all Postpress Needs

Outstanding Postpress equipment and processes are critical for the efficient production of high-quality print products.

Folding, cutting, perforating, die cutting, wire binding, thread sealing and adhesive binding - the range of possibilities require powerful, flexible and accurate solutions.

Heidelberg's postpress portfolio offers the highest quality products for the finishing of print products.

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