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Inks for Publications

New technologies for digital workflow.
Crisper, clearer images.
Environmentally friendly products.

Sun Chemical is the most customer-focused producer of coldset, heatset and publication gravure inks and coatings in the world. This allows them to offer an unmatched selection of products designed for printing any publication.


» Books,
» Catalogs ,
» Directories,
» Inserts,
» Magazines,
» Newspapers


» Coldset Offset (News),
» Energy Curable (UV + EB),
» Flexographic ,
» Letterpress ,
» Publication Gravure,
» Sheefted Offset,
» Heatset Offset (web)

Inks for Packaging

Color quality and consistency...
Total integration of inks, coatings and adhesives...
Delivering emerging technologies and new product innovations.

Sun Chemical helps protect and sell our customer's product and improve brand awareness. Sun Chemical is the world's largest producer of water, solvent, UV, EB curable packaging inks, offering the most products specifically designed for packaging applications.


» Corrugated Containers,
» Flexible Packaging,
» Folding Carton,
» Multiwall Bag,
» Towel + Tissue


» Energy Curable (UV + EB),
» Flexographic,
» Gravure,
» Sheefted Offset

Inks for Commercial and Industrial Markets

Sheetfed to
Energy cured products
Digital InkJet,

Sun Chemical leads the industry with a full range of inks, printing supplies and services that reinvent and energize the commercial world.

As the most customer-focused producer of inks and coatings in the world, Sun Chemical is proud to offer the widest range of products specifically designed for commercial printing applications.


» Appliances,
» Electronics,
» Auto Trim,
» Brochures,
» Display/Advertising,
» Glass Deco


» Decor,
» Energy Curable (UV + EB),
» Letterpress,
» Sheefted Offset,
» Screen,
» Circuits

Inks for Narrow Web Printing

Recognizing the special requirements of narrow web printers, Sun Chemical launched Solaris, a global product line of inks and coatings formulated to meet their needs.


» Beverage Packaging,
» Cosmetic Packaging,
» Pharmaceutical Packaging


» Labels,
» Flexible Packaging,
» Energy Curable (UV),
» Screen,
» Adhesive,
» Folding Carton,
» Retort,
» Shrink Sleeve

Inks for Digital Applications

Sun Chemical Digital offers a complete portfolio including print technology, ink jet inks and integrated services that support digital workflow and market development. By bringing integrated digital applications to printers and converters, Sun Chemical Digital can optimize productivity and increase profitability.


» Flexible Packaging,
» Paper Packaging,
» Corrugated


» Box,
» Film,
» Energy Curable (UV),
» Foil,
» Optical Disk,
» Folding Carton,
» Signage,
» Display

Pressroom Supplies

Sun Chemical Consumables offer a wide range of new and innovative products, predominantly for the printing and related industries. Products supplied through our ink divisions are fully supported by sales and technical service teams. We can offer tailored package of products, which when used together optimize productivity, quality and performance thereby helping to minimize customers total cost to print.


» Publication,
» Newsprint,
» Commercial Offset,
» Color Management,
» Coatings and more..


» Fount Solution,
» Press Wash,
» Blankets,

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